The Kassa Flute Co. specializes in making high quality flutes known in West Africa as tambin or Fula flutes, after the ethnic group with which they are associated.

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All of our flutes are custom-made to order. Have a look at our gallery of recently-made flutes, and you can now order a custom flute online here. For further information, or any other questions, please contact us here.

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Information and Resources

Please see our growing list of articles and resources for information on the Fula flute, flute-making, West African culture, and more!

About the Fula Flute

The tambin likely originated with the Fula (or Peuhl) people, who live throughout West Africa, with large populations in Guinea and Mali. Their flutes are also used in the traditional music of the Malinké people in Guinea, as a result of their living in close proximity with the Fulani for many centuries. It was from Malinké musicians in Guinea that I learned the craft of playing and making these flutes, in particular from Lanciné Conde, a master of the tambin originally from the Kouroussa region of Guinea, as well as Mamady Mansaré IV (the son) and others.

Read more about the history and construction of the Fula flute here.