Our Flutes

All of our Fula flutes are custom-made to order. In our gallery of recent work below, we’ve included photos, videos, & details to give you an idea of what is possible!

Decorations and Aesthetic

While the images you see here are representative of the visual aesthetic of our flutes, each one of our custom Fula flutes is totally unique, and the decorations change according to material availability, experimentation, and artistic judgement! We strive to make each flute a work of art unto itself, and no flute leaves the shop until it meets our high standards for quality.

A Note about Tuning

Our Fula flutes are available in four keys: of A♭, G, G♭, or F. Furthermore, they can be tuned to “standard” (Western scale) or “traditional” (equidistant scale). See the section on “Tuning and Sound Aesthetics” on the About page for more information on these tunings.

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Recent Flutes from the Shop: